"Who Is This Son of Man?": The Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus (2011 Hurtado, Owen), edited volume

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"Who Is This Son of Man?": The Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus (2011) is a volume edited by Larry W. Hurtado and Paul L. Owen.


"This book is the first ever collection of scholarly essays in English devoted specifically to the theme of the expression 'son of man'. It describes the major competing theories which have addressed questions such as: What is the original Aramaic expression which lies behind the Greek phrase, and what was its original connotation? How do the gospel writers use the expression 'son of man'? Is it a Christological title, pregnant with meaning, much like the titles son of God, Christ/Messiah, and son of David? Is it used as a way of designating Jesus as a human being of unique redemptive significance? Or does it rather originate in a nuanced use (obscured in Greek translation) of an Aramaic expression used in place of the first person pronoun, as an indefinite pronoun, or for generic statements about human beings? Larry Hurtado and Paul Owen have brought together contributing scholars on the basis of theirexpertise in Aramaic, historical Jesus research, the son of man debate itself, and related fields of research ... Albert Lukaszewski discusses the history of the `son of man' and provides an overview of the numerous methodological and linguistic issues relating to the expression. Paul Owen, David Shepherd and Peter Williams engage with the work of Maurice Casey. Darrell Bock, Benjamin Reynolds and Darrell Hannah investigate the use of `son of man' and the appropriation of Daniel 7, at Jesus' trial, in John's Gospel, and within the Parables of Enoch respectively. This volume consolidates and confirms numerous important points for further exploration and debate of this crucial issue in New Testament studies."--Publisher description.


Published in London [England], and New York, NY: T&T Clark, 2011.


  • Issues concerning the Aramaic behind [ho huios tou anthropou]: a critical review of scholarship / Albert L. Lukaszewski
  • Expressing definiteness in Aramaic: a response to Casey's theory concerning the Son of Man sayings / P.J. Williams
  • The use of Daniel 7 in Jesus' trial, with implications for his self-understanding / Darrell L. Bock

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