(++) The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (1990 Brown/Fitzmyer/Murphy), edited volume

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The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (1990) is a volume edited by Raymond E. Brown, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, and Roland E. Murphy.


"This contemporary verse by verse commentary examines the scientific, literary, and historical content of the Scriptures — reflecting the exegetical variation found within the community of scholars. Features current theories on dating, historical reconstruction, and archaeological information. Provides contemporary perspectives on hermeneutics, theological depths relating to the biblical word, and themes in the Old Testament. Includes articles on Jesus, the Early Church, Gnosticism, and the subapostolic church."--Publisher description.

Editions and translations

Published in Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1990, with a Foreword by Carlo Maria Martini. Reprinted in 1995 and 1999.

Translated into Hungarian:

Table of contents (selected)

Part 1 - The Old Testament / edited by Roland E. Murphy

  • Old Testament apocalypticism and eschatology / John J. Collins
  • Ezekiel / Lawrence Boadt
  • Deutero-Isaiah and Trito-Isaiah / Carroll Stuhlmueller
  • Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi / Aelred Cody
  • Chronicler: 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah / Robert North
  • Joel, Obadiah / Elias D. Mallon
  • Daniel / Louis F. Hartman, Alexander A. Di Lella
  • 1-2 Maccabees / Neil J. McEleney *Introduction to wisdom literature / Roland E. Murphy
  • Proverbs / Thomas P. McCreesh
  • Canticle of Canticles / Roland E. Murphy
  • Job / R.A.F. MacKenzie, Roland E. Murphy
  • Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth) / Addison G. Wright
  • Sirach / Alexander A. Di Lella
  • Wisdom / Addison G. Wright
  • Psalms / John S. Kselman, Michael L. Barré
  • Ruth / Alice L. Laffey
  • Lamentations / Michael D. Guinan
  • Baruch / Aloysius Fitzgerald *Tobit, Judith, Esther / Irene Nowell, Toni Craven, Demetrius Dumm
  • Jonah / Anthony R. Ceresko

Part 2 - The New Testament and topical articles / edited by Joseph A. Fitzmyer and Raymond E. Brown

  • Synoptic problem / Frans Neirynck
  • Gospel according to Mark / Daniel J. Harrington
  • Gospel according to Matthew / Benedict T. Viviano
  • Gospel according to Luke / Robert J. Karris -- Acts of the Apostles / Richard J. Dillon -- Introduction to the New Testament epistles / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- First letter to the Thessalonians / Raymond F. Collins -- Letter to the Galatians / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Letter to the Philippians / Brendan Byrne -- First letter to the Corinthians / Jerome Murphy-O'Connor -- Second letter to the Corinthians / Jerome Murphy-O'Connor -- Letter to the Romans / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Letter to Philemon / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Second letter to the Thessalonians / Charles Homer Giblin -- Letter to the Colossians / Maurya P. Horgan -- Letter to the Ephesians / Paul J. Kobelski -- Pastoral letters / Robert A. Wild -- First epistle of Peter / William J. Dalton -- Epistle of James / Thomas W. Leahy -- Epistle of Jude / Jerome H. Neyrey -- Epistle to the Hebrews / Myles M. Bourke -- Gospel according to John / Pheme Perkins -- Johannine epistles / Pheme Perkins -- Apocalypse (Revelation) / Adela Yarbro Collins -- Second epistle of Peter / Jerome H. Neyrey -- Inspiration / Raymond F. Collins -- Canonicity / Raymond E. Brown, Raymond F. Collins --
  • Apocrypha; Dead Sea scrolls; other Jewish literature / Raymond E. Brown, Pheme Perkins, Anthony J. Saldarini -- Texts and versions / Raymond E. Brown, D.W. Johnson, Kevin G. O'Connell -- Modern Old Testament criticism / Alexa Suelzer, John S. Kselman -- Modern New Testament criticism / John S. Kselman, Ronald D. Witherup -- Hermeneutics / Raymond E. Brown, Sandra M. Schneiders -- Church pronouncements / Raymond E. Brown, Thomas Aquinas Collins -- Biblical geography / Raymond E. Brown, Robert North -- Biblical archaeology / Robert North, Philip J. King -- History of Israel / Addison G. Wright, Roland E. Murphy, Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Religious institutions of Israel / John J. Castelot, Aelred Cody -- Aspects of Old Testament thought / John L. McKenzie -- Jesus / John P. Meier -- Paul / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Early church / Raymond E. Brown, Carolyn Osiek, Pheme Perkins -- Aspects of New Testament thought / Raymond E. Brown, John R. Donahue, Donald Senior, Adela Yarbro Collins -- Pauline theology / Joseph A. Fitzmyer -- Johannine theology / Francis J. Moloney.

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