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Honest to Jesus: Jesus for a New Millennium (1996) is a book by Robert W. Funk.


"In Honest to Jesus, Robert Funk, one of the preeminent biblical scholars of our time, embarks on a radical investigation into the transformation of Jesus the social rebel and iconoclast into Jesus the religious icon. Founder of the Jesus Seminar - the group of writers, philosophers, and theologians spearheading new research into the historical Jesus and the authenticity of the gospels - Funk has never before articulated his own bold and fearless vision of who Jesus truly was and how his legacy should be approached by the modern world." "Funk's investigation concludes with an explosive call to arms. In twenty-one theses, Funk articulates a revolutionary new vision of Jesus and Christianity for the next millennium. Freed from religious and political propaganda, liberated from the cobwebs of orthodoxy, this is a Jesus restored to the roles of social critic, dissident, and sage. Funk envisions a revitalized Christianity - shaped by history rather than orthodoxy and based not on the Christ of the creeds but on the teachings of Jesus in all their original power. Forthright, penetrating, and as radical as the mysterious figure it investigates, Honest to Jesus is a new classic in the debate over the search for the real Jesus and its implications for modern Christianity."--Publisher description.


Published in San Francisco, CA: HarperSan Francisco, 1996.


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