A History of Israel, 4th ed. (2000 Bright / Brown), book

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A History of Israel, 4th ed. (2000) is an updated edition of A History of Israel (1959 Bright), book, edited by William P. Brown.


"Unsurpassed for nearly half a century, and now with a new introduction and appendix by William P. Brown, Bright's A History of Israel will continue to be a standard for a new generation of students of the Old Testament."--Publisher description.


Published in Louisville, KY: Westminster J. Knox Press, 2000.

Previously published in Philadelphia, PA: Westminster:

Translations of the 4th edition


Prologue : the ancient Orient before ca. 2000 B.C. -- Antecedents and beginnings : the age of the patriarchs. The world of Israel's origins ; The patriarchs -- The formative period. Exodus and conquest : the formation of the people Israel ; The constitution and faith of early Israel : the tribal league -- Israel under the monarchy : the period of national self-determination. From tribal confederacy to dynastic state : the rise and development of the monarchy ; The independent kingdoms of Israel and Judah : from the death of Solomon to the mid-eighth century -- The monarchy (continued) : crisis and downfall. The period of Assyrian conquest : from the mid-eighth century to the death of Hezekiah ; The kingdom of Judah : the last century -- Tragedy and beyond : the exilic and postexilic periods. Exile and restoration ; The Jewish community of the fifth century : the reforms of Nehemiah and Ezra -- The formative period of Judaism. The end of the Old Testament period : from Ezra's reform to the outbreak of the Maccabean revolt ; Judaism at the end of the Old Testament period -- Epilogue : toward the fullness of time.

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