A History of Israel (1959 Bright), book

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A History of Israel (1959) is a book by John Bright.



Published in Philadelphia, PA: Westminster, 1959.


Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Prologue: The Ancient Orient Before ca. 2000 B.C.
    • A. Before History: The Foundations of Civilization in the Ancient Orient
    • B. The Ancient Orient in the Third Millenium B.C.

Part One: Antecedents and Beginnings: The Age of the Patriarchs

  • 1. The World of Israel's Origins
    • A. The Ancient Orient ca. 2000-1750 B.C.
    • B. The Ancient Orient ca. 175--1500 B.C.
  • 2. The Patriarchs
    • A. The Patriarchal Narratives: The Problem and Method of Procedure
    • B. The Historical Setting of the Patriarchal Narratives
    • C. The Hebrew Ancestors and History

Part Two: The Formative Method

  • 3. Exodus and Conquest: The Formation of the People Israel
    • A. Western Asia in the Late Bronze Age: The Egyptian Empire
    • B. The Biblical Traditions in the Light of the Evidence
    • C. The Formation of the People Israel
  • 4. The Constitution and Faith of Early Israel: The Tribal League
    • A. The Problem and Method of Procedure
    • B. The Faith of Early Israel
    • C. The Constitution of Early Israel: The Tribal League and Its Institutions
    • D. The History of the Tribal League: The Period of the Judges

Part Three: Israel Under the Monarchy: The Period of National Self-Determination

  • 5. From Tribal Confederacy to Dynastic State: The Rise and Development of the Monarchy
    • A. First Steps Toward Monarchy: Saul
    • B. The United Monarchy of Israel: King David (ca. 1000-961)
    • C. The United Monarchy of Israel: Solomon (ca. 961-922)
  • 6. The Independent Kingdoms of Israel and Judah: From the Death of Solomon to the Mid-Eighth Century
    • A. The Divided Monarchy: The First Fifty Years (922-876)
    • B. Israel and Judah from the Ascension of Omri to the Purge of Jehu (876-843/2)
    • C. Israel and Judah from the Mid-Ninth to the Mid-Eighth Century

Part Four: The Monarchy (continued): Crisis and Downfall

  • 7. The Period of Assyrian Conquest: From the Mid-Eighth Century to the Death of Hezekiah
    • A. The Assyrian Advance: The Fall of Israel and the Subjugation of Judah
    • B. The Struggle for Independence: Hezekiah (715-687/6)
    • C. Prophets of the Late Eighth Century in Judah
  • 8. The Kingdom of Judah: The Last Eighth Century
    • A. The End of Assyrian Domination: Judah Regains Independence
    • B. The Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Last Days of Judah
    • C. Prophets of the Last Days of Judah

Part Five: Tragedy and Beyond: The Exile and Postexilic Periods

  • 9. Exile and Restoration
    • A. The Period of Exile (587-539)
    • B. The Restoration of the Jewish Community in Palestine
  • 10. The Jewish Community of the Fifth Century: The Reforms of Nehemiah and Ezra
    • A. From the Completion of the Temple to the Mid-Fifth Century
    • B. The Reorganization of the Jewish Community Under Nehemiah and Ezra

Part Six: The Formative Period of Judaism

  • 11. The End of the Old Testament Period: From Ezra's Reform to the Outbreak of the Maccabean Revolt
    • A. The Jews Through the Fourth and Third Series
    • B. The Jews Under the Seleucids: Religious Crisis and Rebellion
  • 12. Judaism at the End of the Old Testament Period
    • A. The Nature and Development of Early Judaism
    • B. Features in the Theology of Early Judaism

  • Epilogue: Toward the Fullness of Time
  • Appendix: An Update in the Search of Israel's History

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