A History of the Jews, 4th ed. (1953 Sachar), book

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A History of the Jews (1953) is the 4th revised edition of A History of the Jews (1930 Sachar), book.


A short history of Jews, from the origins to the present.


Published in New York, NY: Knopf, 1953.


Table of contents

The cast of characters -- The origins of the Hebrews -- The Hebrews enter Palestine -- The growth of national consciousness -- A house divided against itself -- The prophets : the living Hebrew conscience -- The rise of Judaism -- Life and labour in biblical Palestine -- The meeting of Hellenism and Hebraism -- The end of the Jewish state -- The rise of Christianity -- The development of the Talmud -- The new Moslem world -- The golden age in Moslem Spain -- Four bloody centuries in Christian Europe -- The decline and fall of Jewish life in Spain -- Havens of refuge -- Degeneration -- The Jew in the mediaeval world -- The end of the Jewish Middle Ages -- The fall of the mediaeval citadel -- The triumph of liberalism -- Factors in American Jewish history -- The Russian Jewish nightmare -- Cultural and religious changes -- The revival of anti-Semitism -- Zionism -- From Sarajevo to San Remo, 1914-20 -- Europe between the wars -- The western hemisphere in the twentieth century -- The epic of Palestine -- World War II and after -- The new state of Israel.

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