A szívnek van két rekesze (The Heart has Two Chambers / 2012 Koltai), edited volume

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A szívnek van két rekesze <Hungarian> / The Heart has Two Chambers (2012) is an edited volume by Kornélia Koltai.


Papers offerred to Professor and Rabbi József Schweitzer, founding president of the Hungarian Society of Hebraists (2002-), learned society by the members of the Society.

Editions and translations

Published in Budapest, Hungary: L'Harmattan and Hungarian Society of Hebraists, 2012; vol. 2 of Studia Hebraica Hungarica (2009- L'Harmattan), book series.


The volume has four parts: Hebrew Bible -- Postbiblical Jewish Literature -- Jewish LIterature from the Middle Ages -- Jewish History.

The first two parts contain the following papers: Miklós Kőszeghy: Battles in the Valley of Rephaim -- István Karasszon: Usufruct in Ancient Israel -- Zoltán Kustár: Prophanisation as a Tool for Religious Reform (Deut 19:13-19) -- Géza G. Xeravits: The Dispute of YHWH against Israel (Isa 40:12-31). Exegetical Remarks -- Huba Rózsa: The Province of Judah/Jehud in Persian Period -- Attila Marossy: The Anatomy of Separation. The Semantic Development of the Root bdl in the Hebrew Bible -- Kornélia Koltai: The Reconstruction of Colloquialisms in 1Sam 1-10 -- Márta Hack: The Hebrew Mashal -- László Sándor Egeresi: On Some Recent Hebrew Dictionaries -- Ida Fröhlich: Kohanim, Leviim, Maskilim, Rabbim. Priestly Roles in Qumran -- Balázs Tamási: The Jeremiah Apocryphon of Qumran -- Károly Dániel Dobos: The Concept of Time in 1 Henoch -- Levente Lőrik: The History of Interpretation of Job 14:4-5 -- Andrea Sturovics: Interpretations of Psalm 139.

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