Ancient Judaism = Das antike Judentum (1952 Weber / Gerth, Martindale), book (English ed.)

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Ancient Judaism (1952) is the English (American) edition of a book by Max Weber; see Das antike Judentum (Ancient Judaism / 1921 Weber), book. Translated from the German by Hans H. Gerth and Don Martindale.


Part 3 of Weber's Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie (Bd. 1 Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus. Die protestantischen Sekten und der Geist des Kapitalismus. Die Wirtschaftsethik der Weltreligionen -- Bd. 2 Hinduismus und Buddhismus -- Bd. 3. Das antike Judentum).

Weber's work was the first attempt at a socio-historical analysis of ancient Judaism. Weber was neither a Biblical scholar nor an Orientalist; his work was not based on primary sources but on the secondary literature on the period.

While focusing in the pre-exilic history of the Hebrews, Weber's work included Second Temple Judaism.

Editions and translations

Published in Glencoe, IL, Free Press, 1952.

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The natural and cultural background of ancient Judaism. The social structure and its setting -- The Gerim and the ethic of the patriarchs -- The covenant and confederacy. The social laws of the Israelite legal collections -- Warfare and war prophecy -- Social significance of the war god of the confederacy -- Priesthood, cult, and ethics. Cultic peculiarities of Yahwism -- Priests and the cult monopoly of Jerusalem -- Forms of Israelite intellectuality in the pre-prophetic era -- Ethics and eschatology of Yahwism -- Intercultural relations in pre-exilic ethics

The establishment of the Jewish pariah people. Social psychology of the prophets -- The ethic and theodicy of the prophets -- The pariah community -- The exile -- Supplement : the Pharisees. Sects and cults of the post-exile period -- Judaism and early Christianity -- Notes -- Map, location of historic places.

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