(+) Aperçus préliminaire sur les manuscrits de la mer Morte (The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Preliminary Survey / 1950 Dupont-Sommer), book

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Aperçus préliminaire sur les manuscrits de la mer Morte <French> (1950) is a book by André Dupont-Sommer.


This book discusses the history of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls of cave one (the only cave discovered in 1950) and the description, textual and paleographic analysis of the manuscripts. In his work, for the first time, the Essene hypothesis is formulated concerning of provenance of the texts. Dupont-Sommer concludes his book with two chapters in which he discusses the Essene sect and the similarities between this Jewish sect and early Christianity. -- Matteo Silvestrini, University of Lausanne

Editions and translations

Published in Paris, France: Maisonneuve, 1950.


Table of contents

  • Avant-propos
  • I. La grotte aux manuscrits
  • II. Les deux rouleaux d'Isaie
  • III. Le Commentaire d'Habacuc et la "Nouvelle Alliance"
  • IV. La Regle de la "Nouvelle Alliance"
  • V. La "Nouvelle Alliance au pays de Damas"
  • VI. Les Psaumes d'action de grâces de la "Nouvelle Alliance"
  • VII. Le Règlement de combat des fils de lumière
  • VIII. La "Nouvelle Alliance" et les Esséniens
  • IX. La "Nouvelle Alliance" juive et la "Nouvelle Alliance" chrétienne
  • Table chronologique
  • Table des illustrations
  • Table des matières

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