Apocalypticism, Anti-Semitism and the Historical Jesus (2005 Kloppenborg, Marshall), edited volume

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Apocalypticism, Anti-Semitism and the Historical Jesus: Subtexts in Criticism (2005) is a volume edited by John S. Kloppenborg and John W. Marshall.


Proceedings of a conference held in 2003 at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Editions and translations

Published in London [England]: T&T Clark, 2005.

Table of contents

  • The cipher 'Judaism' in contemporary historical Jesus scholarship / William Arnal
  • Compassion is to purity as fish is to bicycle, and other reflections on constructions of 'Judaism' in current work on the historical Jesus / Paula Fredriksen
  • Apocalypticism and anti-Semitism: inner-group resources for inter-group conflicts / John W. Marshall

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