Architecture and Utopia in the Temple Era (2006 Chyutin), book

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Architecture and Utopia in the Temple Era (2006) is a book by Michael Chyutin.


"This book proposes a new reconstruction of the Temple, which differs from conventional descriptions in Jewish literary sources during the First and Second Temple eras. Individual descriptions of the Temple are examined independently and the influence of earlier descriptions on subsequent ones is considered. Detailed architectural diagrams and three-dimensional models accompany the different reconstructions of the temple."--Publisher description.

Editions and translations

Published in London [England]: T&T Clark, 2006 (Library of Second Temple Studies, 58).

Table of contents

  • The meeting tent tabernacle temple
  • The first temple in Jerusalem
  • The temple of the Temple scroll
  • The Second Temple
  • The utopian state and the ideal city
  • Jewish design thinking in the First and Second Temple periods

Conclusion. Architecture and utopia: theory and practice

  • Appendix A. Number mysticism in the ancient world and in the scriptures
  • Appendix B. A modular and arithmetological analysis of the temples

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