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The page: Historical Jesus Studies--1950s includes (in chronological order) scholarly and literary works in the field of Historical Jesus Studies made in the 1950s, or from 1950 to 1959.

HJS 1950s -- History of research -- Overview
HJS 1950s -- History of research -- Overview

After WW2, time was ripe for a new beginning. The first step was to reissue the works of French scholars Maurice Goguel and Charles Guignebert, which had been overlooked in the 1930s.

The lecture Ernst Käsemann delivered on October 20, 1953 to an annual gathering of alumni from the University of Marburg, is commonly regarded as the beginning of the Second Quest for the Historical Jesus. Departing from the teachings of his former professor Rudolf Bultmann, Käsemann argued that although the gospels were theological works, they nonetheless may contain some reliable historical memories. A distinction between the historical Jesus and the risen Christ does not make sense as the gospels themselves implies a continuity between these two figures.

The enormous success of Günther Bornkamm's 1956 book Jesus of Nazareth gave momentum for the second quest. The discovery and publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls offered promising contributions to the understanding of ancient Jewish messianism and even to some difficulties in the chronology of the gospels.

By the end of the decade scholars were persuaded that a new Quest had started (see James M. Robinson).

HJS 1950s -- Highlights
HJS 1950s -- Highlights

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Cognate Fields (1950s)
Cognate Fields (1950s)

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