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Childhood of Jesus refers to the events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth following his Nativity, before the "undocumented" Hidden Years that preceded the beginning of his Ministry.

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The Gospel of Luke and especially the Infancy Gospel of Thomas are the only ancient sources dealing with these years in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The narratives are driven by theological concerns and have little historical value. Due to the lack of documentation, scholars and artists can only speculate on the whereabouts of Jesus as a boy growing up at Nazareth.

In 6th-7th cent., the History of Joseph the Carpenter adds a few elements to the tradition. In a speech to his disciples, Jesus himself reveals how much he loved his parents. Joseph in reality was his stepfather, who took in his care in his house Mary, when he was 90 years old and Mary twelve. Jesus was born when Mary was 15 and ever since he lived with his parents and two step-brothers (Judas and James the Less) Joseph had from a previous marriage. Joseph died when he was 111 years old and Jesus eighteen; see Jesus' Hidden Years.

Childhood of Jesus, in ancient sources

History of Joseph the Carpenter (6th-7th cent.)

11. Now Justus and Simeon, the elder sons of Joseph, were married, and had families of their own. Both the daughters were likewise married, and lived in their own houses. So there remained in Joseph's house, Judas and James the Less, and my virgin mother. I moreover dwelt along with them, not otherwise than if I had been one of his sons. But I passed all my life without fault. Mary I called my mother, and Joseph father, and I obeyed them in all that they said; nor did I ever contend against them, but complied with their commands, as other men whom earth produces are wont to do; nor did I at any time arouse their anger, or give any word or answer in opposition to them. On the contrary, I cherished them with great love, like the pupil of my eye.

Childhood of Jesus, in the arts

Childhood of Jesus, in the movies

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