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Chinese language -- History of research -- Overview
Chinese language -- History of research -- Overview

The presence of Jews in China is documented as early as the 7th or 8th century CE. Small Christian groups (Nestorians and later, Catholics) also settled in China in various periods. Russian Orthodoxy was introduced in 1715 and Protestants began entering China in 1807.

Since the translation of the Bible in Chinese by Robert Morrison in 1823, the Bible has had a profound impact upon Chinese scholars, including non-Christians. Liang Qichao (1873-1929) is a prime example of a non-Christian Chinese scholar whose thought was deeply influenced by the Bible, especially the Old Testament.

In 1945 Father Gabriele Allegra (1907-1976) pioneered the Chinese translation of the Catholic Bible through the foundation of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Beijing (moved to Hong Kong in 1948). The complete Bible was published in 1968.

In 1985 the United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA) was created, and formally constituted in 1990, to "promote the biblical pastoral ministry in the Chinese-speaking world."

In 1989 the China Judaic Studies Association was founded by Professor Xu Xin, who in 1993 was the co-editor of the Chinese edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica.

In 1996 the Chuen King Memorial Lectures started in Hong Kong bringing some of the world most renowned biblical scholars to China.

In May 2004 the First International Congress of Ethnic Chinese Biblical Scholars was held in Hong Kong, jointly sponsored by the Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium and the Theology Division, Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A colloquium on Chinese biblical studies sponsored by the Center for the Study of Christianity in China, King’s College, London, was held January 17-21, 2009; see the report of the Global China Center by G. Wright Doyle.

Chinese language -- Highlights
Chinese language -- Highlights

Fields of research (Chinese language)
Fields of research (Chinese language)




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