Das Alte Testament (The Old Testament / 2001 Levin), book

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Das Alte Testament <German> / The Old Testament (2001) is a book by Christoph Levin.


"This book fully explains the development of the Old Testament canon, as well as the editorial history underlying its various parts, including the five books of Moses, the prophetic books, and the Psalms. Examining the Old Testament in its historical context, it also sheds new light on many of the shorter books, including Jonah, Job, Ruth, the Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Esther, and Daniel.". "Levin surveys fundamental changes that have taken place in Old Testament scholarship, noting that the accepted view of this part of the Bible has been called into question both by literary scholars and by archaeologists.". "While the book treats the Old Testament as part of the cultural and religious history of the Ancient Near East, it also reminds readers that it emerged not as a history of ancient Israel but as the Holy Scripture of Judaism. It will prove a compelling read for anyone interested in the history of religion and the history of ancient Israel."--Publisher description.


Published in München, Germany: Beck, 2008.



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