Dass Jesus Christus ein geborner Jude sei (That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew / 1523 Luther), book

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Dass Jesus Christus ein geborner Jude sei <German> / That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew (1523) is a book by Martin Luther.


In this pamphlet, Luther denies the charges made against him that he did not believe in the Virgin Birth, but rather that Jesus was a naturally born child of Joseph and Mary. Luther states that he believes that Jesus was born a Jew of the Virgin Mary. He also hopes that his teaching will bring more Jews to convert to Christianity. In his view, the teaching and practice of many Christians who came before him, as well as of his opponents, was the chief cause that most Jews did not convert. Confronted with what had been traditional teaching before him, he says, to be a true Christian one would almost have had to become a Jew, and any sincerely believing and practicing Jew would as soon have become a pig as a Christian.


Published in Augsburg, Germany: Ramminger, 1523.

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