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The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of ancient manuscripts hidden in caves near the Dead Sea and rediscovered between 1947 and 1956 around the ruins of the settlement of Qumran.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls in ancient sources

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Scholarship

The finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls is the most important archeological discovery in the field of Second Temple Studies. It has changed the understanding of the period and generated a wave of studies and publications.

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Fiction

The mystery of the Scrolls have excited the imagination of writers who have produced very popular works since the announcement of their discovery. Much of the excitement had to do with the possibility that the Scrolls could contain some sensational revelation about Jesus and the early Christian movement. As scholars denied that this was the case, conspiratory and revisionistic theories have emerged, often not in the form of fiction but as pieces of fantastic archaeology, where reality and imagination are mixed without any clear boundaries.

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