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The page: Historical Jesus Studies--1600s includes (in chronological order) scholarly and literary works in the field of Historical Jesus Studies made in the 17th century, or from 1600 to 1699.

HJS 1600s -- History of research -- Overview
HJS 1600s -- History of research -- Overview

At the beginning of the century the tale of the "Wandering Jew" spread into Europe. The anti-Semitic implications of the myth of the impious Jew cursed by Jesus and condemned to wander until the end of time would greatly affect even the scholarly and fictional narratives of the life of Jesus based on canonical sources.

The most popular Lives of Jesus of the 17th century were those authored by French Jesuit Bernardin de Montereul and Nicola Avancini, in 1637 and 1666 respectively. They were harmonies of the four gospels.

Fictional works were popular representations of the events surrounding the birth and passion of Christ.

HJS 1600s -- Highlights
HJS 1600s -- Highlights

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Cognate Fields (1600s)
Cognate Fields (1600s)

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