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The page: Historical Jesus Studies--1910s, includes (in chronological order) scholarly and literary works in the field of Historical Jesus Studies, made in the 1910s, or from 1910 to 1919.

HJS 1910s -- History of research -- Overview
HJS 1910s -- History of research -- Overview

The work of Albert Schweitzer continued to dominate the scholarly debate, with the publication of the English tr. in 1910 and the second ed. in 1913. New voices enriched the international landscape. Jewish scholarship emerged in England with Claude G. Montefiore, Gerald Friedlander, and Israel Abrahams. Italian scholars also joined the debate with Baldassarre Labanca, Felice Momigliano, and Pietro Chiminelli.

Movies began having a huge impact on the popular understanding of the figure of Jesus. Three films on Jesus (From the Manger to the Cross, Christus, and Intolerance) generated much interest and were influenced by the most recent developments in critical research, seeking "historical accuracy" in their "Oriental" settings and customs.

The Jesus Survival Theory was revived in fictional (George Moore) and esoteric circles.

HJS 1910s -- Highlights
HJS 1910s -- Highlights

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Cognate Fields (1910s)
Cognate Fields (1910s)

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