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The page: Historical Jesus Studies--1930s, includes (in chronological order) scholarly and literary works in the field of Historical Jesus Studies, made in the 1930s, or from 1930 to 1939.

HJS 1930s -- History of research -- Overview
HJS 1930s -- History of research -- Overview

Rampant anti-Semitism and Christian theological skepticism about the Historical (Jewish) Jesus led to the decline of Jesus research in the 1930s. The burden of proving the relevance of the historical Jesus was left almost entirely on the shoulders of Jewish scholars and authors and of a few Christian scholars (mostly French and British), who struggled to keep alive the interest in the subject and in the close historical (and religious) relationship between Judaism and Christianity.

HJS 1930s -- Highlights
HJS 1930s -- Highlights

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Cognate Fields (1930s)
Cognate Fields (1930s)

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