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The page: Historical Jesus Studies--1960s includes (in chronological order) scholarly and literary works in the field of Historical Jesus Studies made in the 1960s, or from 1960 to 1969.

HJS 1960s -- History of research -- Overview
HJS 1960s -- History of research -- Overview

In the 1960s we see, on one hand, the first signs of a rediscovery of the Jewishness of Jesus and, on the other, a stronger emphasis on his humanity and his involvement in political and social issues.

The success of the works of Robert Aron and Nikos Kazantzakis relied exactly on their attempt to explore some "hidden" aspects of Jesus as a human being. In the movies, Jesus became younger, more approachable and more engaged in the social life of his own time. In 1964 Pier Paolo Pasolini earned international acclaim with his sensitive portrait of a very human Jesus as the champion of the poor and the destitute. On the scholarly level, Samuel G.F. Brandon drew attention to the affinities of the Jesus movement with the revolutionary party of the Zealots and to the strong social and political implications of Jesus's preaching.

Jewish scholars, like Robert Aron and Schalom Ben-Chorin showed how the figure of Jesus fully "belonged" to first-century Judaism, and should no longer considered a taboo in Jewish studies. David Flusser in particular emphasized the great diversity of the Jewish experience in the Second Temple period and located Jesus "on the periphery of the Essenes."

HJS 1960s -- Highlights
HJS 1960s -- Highlights

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Cognate Fields (1960s)
Cognate Fields (1960s)

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