Hizzuk emunah (Faith Strengthened / 1593 Troki), book

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Hizzuk emunah <Hebrew> / Faith Strengthened (1593) is a book by Isaac ben Abraham Troki.


The Karaite leader [[[Isaac ben Abraham Troki]] offered one of the first Jewish interpretations of the New Testament. His knowledge of Latin and his familiarity with Christian scriptures led him to conclude that Jesus was a Jew who never wished to abolish Mosaic law, violate the Sabbath or the Jewish dietary laws, and did not found a new law to replace the Jewish Law.


Written in 1593, the work enjoyed great popularity, being first printed in Hebrew in 1625 in Amsterdam.


Troki's work was well known in European intellectual circles. The work was translated into Spanish in 1621 (Fortificacion de la Ley de Moseh) and in Latin in 1681 by Hebraist Johann Christoph Wagenseil (Tela ignea Satanae), Reprinted in Amsterdam in 1705, had a Yiddish translation in 1717, an English translation in 1851 and a German translation in 1865 (2nd ed. 1873).


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