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Interpreting Biblical Literature: An Introduction to Biblical Studies (2009) is a book by Michael R. Cosby.


A textbook introducing the study of the Christian Bible.

Editions and translations

Published in Grantham, PA: Stony Run Publishing, 2009.

Table of contents

Introduction -- Considering historical settings: the Bible and cross-cultural communication -- Life in Bible times: "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" -- Geography and history of the Holy Land: the significance of rainfall and rock piles -- The scriptures of different faith traditions: why is your Bible different from mine? -- Production and transmission of biblical manuscripts: hand copying every word -- Short stories in the Hebrew Bible: reading the Bible as literature -- Wisdom literature: God gave you a brain, so use it! -- Psalms: Israel's songbook: ecstatic praise, cries of protest, calls for vengeance -- Primeval history: Genesis 1-11: creation and flood stories in the ancient Near East -- Foundational stories: Genesis 12-Exodus 19: ancestral narratives and the exodus -- Israelite laws: the distinguishing focus of Judaism -- Hebrew historiography: history in the interest of theology -- The prophets of ancient Israel: social reformers -- The Gospels: four portraits of Jesus -- Jesus' parabolic speech forms: turning expectations upside down -- Acts of the Apostles: expansion and conflict in the early church -- Ancient letter writing & New Testament Epistles: and you thought snail mail was slow! -- The Apocalypse: navigating the symbolism of Revelation -- Appendix: Development of the Christian Bible: what is the canon?

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