Introducing the Old Testament (1990 Coggins), book

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Introducing the Old Testament (1990) is a book by Richard J. Coggins.


"Traditional study of the Old Testament has involved careful analysis of individual books in order to discover their component sources. Outlining some alternatives to this method--yet retaining the values of the conventional technique--this study considers the importance of sociology and anthropology, of liberations and feminist perspectives, and of literary criticism, providing a unique guide for those approaching the Old Testament for the first time, and for those who are disenchanted with staid forms of biblical analysis.."--Publisher description.


Published in Oxford [England] and New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1990.


What is the Old Testament? -- What does it mean? -- Did it all happen? -- What does archaeology contribute? -- What kind of society was Israel? -- What is man? -- The Old Testament as liberation? -- What kind of literature? -- What kind of religion? -- Is a theology possible?

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