Introduction to the Old Testament (1941 Pfeiffer), book

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Introduction to the Old Testament (1941) is a book by Robert Henry Pfeiffer.



Published in New York, NY: Harper, 1941. Reprinted in 1948. First British ed. in London, England: Adam and Charles Black, 1952.

Table of Contents

pt. 1. The Old Testament as a whole. Religious interest in the Old Testament -- Literary interest in the Old Testament -- Historical and critical interest in the Old Testament -- History of the Canon -- Text and versions of the Old Testament -- pt. 2. The Pentateuch. General considerations -- The J document -- The S document -- The E document -- The book of Deuteronomy -- The priestly code (p) -- The codes of law in the Pentateuch -- The poems in the Pentateuch -- The redactors of the Pentateuch -- pt. 3. The former prophets. The book of Joshua -- The book of judges -- The book of Samuel -- The books of Kings -- pt. 4. The latter prophets. The book of Isaiah -- The book of Jeremiah -- The book of Ezekial -- The book of the Twelve -- pt. 5. The writings, or Hagiographa. The Psalms -- The book of Proverbs -- The book of Job -- The song of Songs -- The book of Ruth -- The book of Lamentations -- The book of Ecclesiastes -- The book of Esther -- The book of Daniel -- The books of Chronicles -- The books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

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