Israelite and Judaean History (1977 Hayes, Miller), edited volume

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Israelite and Judaean History (1977) is a volume edited by John H. Hayes and J. Maxwell Miller.



Published in Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, 1977.

Table of contents

  • The history of the study of Israelite and Judaean history / John H. Hayes
  • The patriarchal traditions / William G. Denver and W. Malcolm Clark
  • The Joseph and Moses narratives / Thomas L. Thompson and Dorothy Irvin
  • The Israelite occupation of Canaan / J. Maxwell Miller
  • The period of the judges and the rise of the monarchy / A.D.H. Mayes
  • The Davidic-Solomonic kingdom / J. Alberto Soggin
  • The separate states of Israel and Judah / Herbert Donner
  • Judah and the exile / Bustenay Oded -- The Persian period / Geo Widengren
  • The Hellenistic and Maccabaean periods / Peter Schäfer
  • The Roman era / A.R.C. Leaney and Jacob Neusner.

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