Jesus = Jésus (1935 Guignebert / Hooke), book (English ed.)

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Jesus (1935) is the English edition of Jésus (1933 Guignebert), book. Translated from the by Samuel Henry Hooke.



Published in London [England]: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & co., 1935. Reissued in New York, NY: University Books, 1956.

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Table of contents

Introduction. The problem of the origins of Christianity: the past and the present -- Sources for the life of Jesus. The life of Jesus. The historical existence of Jesus -- The name : Jesus the Nazarene -- Place and date of the birth of Jesus -- The family of Jesus and the circumstances of his birth -- Childhood and education -- The advent of Jesus -- Jesus at the time of his public career -- The public career of Jesus -- The length of Jesus' public career -- The success of Jesus. The teaching of Jesus. Our information -- The form of Jesus' teaching -- Jesus' claim to authority -- Jesus and Judaism -- The problem of universalism : the Church -- The conception of the Kingdom -- The setting-up of the Kingdom -- The fundamental ideas of Jesus : God -- The ethics of Jesus -- Eschatology of Jesus -- The originality of Jesus. The death of Jesus and the Easter faith. Jesus at Jerusalem -- The Last Supper -- The Passion : the betrayal, the arrest, the trial -- The Passion : the crucifixion -- The Resurrection -- The Easter faith

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