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Jesus Cloning refers to a series of fictional speculations about the possibility of "resurrecting" Jesus as the result of a DNA cloning experiment.

Cf. also Jesus Bloodline.


As soon as the possibility of cloning was scientifically advanced, there have been numerous speculations about the possibility of genetically "resurrecting" long-dead spiritual or political leaders. The 1976 novel, The Boys from Brazil, by Ira Levin dealt with an attempt by neo-Nazis to clone Hitler. (In 1978 the novel became a movie by Franklin J. Schaffner.)

The fascination with human cloning increased in the 1990s after the success of Spielberg's movie Jurassic Park (1993) and the first successful cloning of an animal--Dolly the sheep--in 1996.

In 1997-98 James BeauSeigneur published his "Jesus Clone Trilogy."

A 1999 TV episode of The Outer Limits explored the issue of cloning Jesus, after a scientist supposedly claimed to have found human blood on the Shroud.

In 2000 a hoax from a group called "The Second Coming Project" announced on the Web their intention to clone Jesus by 2001. For some years the group kept apologizing for the delay, attributed to unspecified technical problems, while reiterating their commitment to find "authentic" DNA samples of Jesus.

In 2004 an episode of the fictional TV series ReGenesis dealt with the attempt by a fanatic religious sect to clone Jesus; see The Face of God (2004 Jennings), TV film.

See also "In His Image: Book One of the CloneChrist Trilogy" by James BeauSeigneur; "The Jesus Thief," (and its forthcoming sequel "Risen") by J.R. Lankford; and "Cloning Christ," by Peter Senese and Robert Geis; "The Genesis Code" by John Case, "The Shroud" by Jaqueline Druga-Marchetti and "The Sacred Helix," by Mark Garon.

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