Jesus in His Jewish Context (2003 Vermès), book

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Jesus in His Jewish Context (2003) is a book by Géza Vermès.


"In this stimulating work, one of the most renowned scholars of ancient Judaism explores how Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom and the earliest Jesus movement fit into the Jewish world of Judea and Galilee. In this revised edition of an earlier work, Vermes includes five new chapters."--Publisher description.


Published in London: SCM Press, 2003, and in Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2003.


  • 1. Jesus the Jew
  • 2. The Gospel of Jesus the Jew I: A Historian's Reading of the Gospels
  • 3. The Gospel of Jesus the Jew II: The Father and His Kingdom
  • 4. The Gospel of Jesus the Jew III: Jesus and Christianity
  • 5. Jewish Studies and New Testament Interpretation
  • 6. Jewish Literature and New Testament Exegesis: Reflections on Methodology
  • 7. The Present State of the 'Son of Man' Debate
  • 8. The Jesus Notice of Josephus Re-examined
  • 9. A Summary of the Law by Flavius Josephus
  • 10. New Light on the Sacrifice of Isaac from Qumran
  • 11. The Dead Sea Scrolls Fifty Years On
  • 12. Jesus the Jew and His Reflection: Autobiographical Reflections

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