Jesus in History and Myth (1986 Hoffmann/Larue), edited volume

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Jesus in History and Myth (1986) is a volume edited by R. Joseph Hoffmann and Gerald A. Larue.


Papers presented at an international symposium held at the University of Michigan in April 1985 on Jesus and the gospels.


Published in Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1986.

Table of contents

Introduction: the life of Jesus in research / R. Joseph Hoffmann -- The historicity of Jesus / G.A. Wells -- The historical Jesus / Morton Smith -- Render to Jesus the things that are Jesus' / Robert S. Alley -- The Palestinian grass-roots origins of New Testament Christology / George E. Mendenhall -- Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls / John M. Allegro -- Early Christianity and the scrolls: an inquiry / David Noel Freedman -- Josephus and Jesus / Ellis Rivkin -- Jesus and the law / Tikva Frymer-Kensky -- Fiction in the gospels / Randel Helms -- Other gospels, heretical Christs / R. Joseph Hoffmann -- The Christ at the creation / Robert M. Grant -- The leaven and the lamb: Christ and Gregory of Nyssa's vision of human destiny / Rowan A. Greer -- Jesus and his brothers / John Dart -- New Testament scholarship and Christian belief / Van A. Harvey -- Historical credentials and particular revelation / Antony Flew -- A remonstrance in concluding / John Hick

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