Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus (1985 Falk), book

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Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus (1985) is a book by Harvey Falk.


The author, an Orthodox Rabbi, argues that Jesus was a member of a School of Hillel and his preaching should be seen as an aspect of the controversy against the School of Shammai.

"This book is an important and provocative study of the thought of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus and marks the first attempt by a rabbinic writer to demonstrate that Jesus of Nazareth consistently upheld the views of the rabbis of the School of Hillel, and that all his criticism was directed at the School of Shammai and their followers. After the School of Shammai disappeared from the Jewish scene following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in the first century, Judaism developed according to the teachings of Bet Hillel. This alone increases the common grounds for dialogue between Jews and Christians.Some important findings of this book include the following: The Pharisees of Bet Shammai controlled Jewish life and thought during the first century; the School of Shammai denied salvation to the Gentiles; the Shammaite Pharisees and priests considered Jesus a danger to the Jewish people; the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed because of Bet Shammai's hatred of the Gentile world; the prophet Elijah condemned Jesus' crucifixion.These new insights will help achieve a new understanding of the seemingly anti-Jewish passages contained in the Christian scriptures, and make possible improved relations between Christians and Jews. It is acclaimed by scholars of both faiths."--Publisher description.


Published in New York, NY: Paulist Press, 1985.

Table of contents

Rabbi Jacob Emden's views on Christianity -- Hillel's convert revisited : a second look -- Talmud and Jewish tradition on the Essenes : relationship of the Essenes to Bet Hillel -- The arrest of Rabbi Eliezer and its relationship to the beliefs of the Minim (Jewish Christians) -- Hasidim of the nations : parallel definitions -- The relationship of Rabbi Eliezer to the school of Shammai -- The roots of Christian anti-Semitism : Bet Hillel vs. Bet Shammai -- Understanding the Christian Bible through Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel.

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