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Messiah/Messianism is a field of study that deals with the history of Jewish (and Christian) expectations of a future (or eschatological) figure, "anointed by God," who will bring salvation and deliverance to the people.


The eschatological Messiah in Judaism has superhuman "divine" features as the "son of God". This does not mean however that he was considered "God" or equal to God. Only God is the creator and father of the universe.

Son of David and Son of Man

In second Temple Judaism two competing views of the eschatological Messiah emerged: the Messiah Son of David and the Messiah Son of Man.

The Son of David followed the model offered by the Books ok Kings where David is appointed by God as a ruler over Israel. He is therefore a human chosen to become the Messiah

In the Son of Man tradition instead the Messiah is a celestial being who will come at the end of times from Heaven as the final Judge.

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