Millar Burrows (1889-1980), American scholar

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Millar Burrows (1889-1980) was an American scholar. Burrows was born in Cincinnati on October 26, 1889. A Presbyterian minister, Burrows was educated at Cornell and Union Theological Seminary (MDiv). After ministering in Texas and teaching at Tusculum College in Tennessee, Burrows earned his Ph.D. from Yale (1925) and then taught at Brown as Assistant Professor of Biblical Literature and History of Religions. Burrows left Brown in 1934 to accept a chair at Yale Divinity School as Winkley Professor of Biblical Theology. From 1950 until 1958 Burrows served as Chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literature at Yale Graduate School. Twice he served as the Director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem (1931-32; 1947-48). Burrows' position as Director of the American School of Oriental Research in 1947-48 gave him the opportunity to evaluate the Dead Sea Scrolls at a very early date and to publish their first edition. Burrows devoted the remainder of his life to their study and significance for Judaism and early Christianity. Millar Burrows died in 1980.



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