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Ministry of Jesus refers to the series of events that marked the public teaching of Jesus, from his Baptism to his Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Jesus preached also with words (see Parables of Jesus) and deeds (see Miracles of Jesus).

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According to the Synoptics, the ministry of Jesus took place entirely in Galilee around Capernaum and lasted one year. The Gospel of John instead describes a series of trips back and forth to Judea on occasion of the main Jewish festivals over a period of 3 years.

List of major events in the ministry of Jesus

(see also Miracles of Jesus, and Parables of Jesus)

Mark Tradition

  • Eternal Sin (Mark 3:28-29; Matthew 12:30-32; Luke 12:8-10)

Matthew/Luke Tradition

Matthew Tradition

Luke Tradition

John Tradition

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