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More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls (1958) is a book by Millar Burrows.


"New Scrolls and New Interpretations, with translations of important recent discoveries."

Editions and translations

Published in New York, NY: Viking; and London: Secker & Warburg, 1958.


Table of contents

The story continued. Recent developments ; New discoveries -- Christian origins in the light of the Dead Sea scrolls. Facts and faith ; Anticipation and preparation ; John the Baptist ; The person and saving work of Jesus Christ ; The life and character of Jesus ; The teaching of Jesus : basic contrasts ; The teaching of Jesus : parallels ; The apostolic church ; Paul, John, and the rest of the New Testament -- Results for Old Testament studies. The text of the Historical Books, Psalms, and Wisdom Literature ; The text of the Prophetic Books ; General results for textual criticism ; Interpretation, composition, and dates ; The Apocrypha and other post-biblical works; languages and paleography -- The origin of the Qumran sect. The 390 years and the Kittim ; The Teacher of Righteousness and his contemporaries ; The land of Damascus ; The theories of Schonfield and Del Medico ; The theory of Roth and Driver; other evidence and arguments -- The identification of the sect. Pharisees? Sadducees? Samaritans? ; Essenes? Christians? Zealots? -- The beliefs of the sect. God, spirits, angels, and demons ; Man, sin, and salvation ; The two Messiahs ; Other Messianic titles and references ; The teacher of righteousness ; Things to come -- Organization and rites of the sect. Organization ; Rites ; The religious life -- Translations. The Genesis Apocryphon ; The rule of the congregation ; The benedictions ; The book of mysteries ; The scroll of prayers ; The prayer of Nabonidus ; The testimonia ; The florilegium ; The commentary on Genesis 49 ; The commentary on Psalm 37 ; The commentary on Isaiah 10-11 ; The commentary on Micah 1:5-7 ; The commentary on Nahum 2:11-13.

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