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Samuel Rocca (b.1968) is an Italian-Israeli scholar.


Born and educated in Milan, Italy. PhD (2006) at Bar-Ilan University (where he studied with Albert I. Baumgarten). Post-doctorate (2007) at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome.

Works on Second Temple Judaism


Articles in edited volumes

Articles in academic journals

  • The Book of Judith and Queen Sholmzion / Samuel Rocca / Materia giudaica 10.1 (2005)
  • A Jewish Gladiator in Pompeii / Samuel Rocca / Materia giudaica 11 (2006)
  • Back to Masada: A Retrospective of a Retrospective, Review of A. Ben Tor, Back to Masada”, Jerusalem, Yad Ben Zvi / Samuele Rocca / Zion LXXV, (2010), pp. 505-508.
  • Josephus, Suetonius, and Tacitus on the Military Service of the Jews of Rome: Discrimination or Norm? / Samuele Rocca / Italia XX, (2010), pp. 7-30.
  • The Jews of Rome and the politics of the Late Republic / Samuele Rocca / XV World Congress of Jewish Studies, published on line
  • Diritto Ebraico ed Ebrei nell’Impero Romano, Recensione del libro del Professore A.M. Rabello”, Ebraismo e Diritto. Studi sul Diritto Ebraico e gli Ebrei nell'Impero Romano scelti e raccolti da F. Lucrezi / Samuele Rocca / Rivista di Diritto Romano X (2010)

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