Seventh Enoch Seminar (2013 Camaldoli), conference

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Monastery of Camaldoli
Plenary session at the Seventh Enoch Seminar
Group session at the Seventh Enoch Seminar
Participants at the Seventh Enoch Seminar visit the LaVerna Monastery
Loren T. Stuckenbruck, University of Munich
Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan

The Seventh Enoch Seminar (21-26 July 2013), is an international Conference organized by the Enoch Seminar.

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Theme: “Enoch and the Synoptic Tradition”

Chair: Loren Stuckenbruck, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Date: Camaldoli, Italy: July 21-26, 2013

Place: Monastero di Camaldoli

Areas of Focus:

  • Angelic and intermediary beings
  • Demonology
  • Sinners and Righteous
  • Birth Narratives
  • Cosmology
  • Portraits of God

The aim of the Seventh Enoch Seminar was to give a literary analysis of the influences of Enochic literature and traditions on the Synoptic Gospels, including and beyond the issue of the Son of Man. As usual, all papers circulated in advance and were not be read by the writers. The time given was devoted primarily to discussion.


Online Registration for the Seventh Enoch Seminar will be available by the end of October (registration due by January 1, 2013):

Registration (including membership):

  • $ 00.00 (veterans) - attended six or more previous meetings
  • $ 100.00 (veterans) - attended five previous meetings / and emeriti
  • $ 125.00 (veterans) - attended four previous meetings
  • $ 150.00 (veterans) - attended three previous meetings
  • $ 175.00 (members) - attended two previous meetings
  • $ 200.00 (friends) - attended one previous meeting
  • $ 225.00 (newcomers) - never attended the Enoch Seminar (or Nangeroni Meetings)

The Registration has to be paid only by participants (not spouses or guests).

Attendance at the Enoch Seminar is by invitation only and is limited to university professors and scholars in the field. If you are interested in attending or participating in the Seventh Enoch Seminar, please contact the secretary of the Seminar, Jason Zurawski.


Contribution for lodging (5 nights + meals included) [to be paid at Camaldoli]: <estimate - prices may still vary >

  • 000.oo euros (authors of long papers)
  • 200.oo euros (respondents)
  • 300.oo euros (short papers & guests [children: 0-5 free; 6-15 half price])



Arrivals - Bus from the Arezzo Railway Station (3:30pm). Meet at the cafe in the train station.

Accomodation at Camaldoli

Welcome 6pm-6:30pm Opening session 6pm-7:45 -- Introduction (Loren T. Stuckenbruck)


8am Breakfast

9:00am-10:15am -- Reading / Seminar Sessions

10:45am-12:45am -- Papers One and Two

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

1pm -- Lunch

4:00pm - 6:00pm -- Papers Three and Four

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

6:30pm-7:45pm -- Major Paper Discussion Groups

  • Group One (Coblentz Bautch & Wright); Chair Randall Chesnutt/Robert Hall
  • Group Two (Charlesworth & Richter); Chair Matthias Henze

8pm -- Dinner


8am Breakfast

9:00am-10:15am -- Reading / Seminar Sessions

  • James H. Charlesworth, Updating the Parables of Enoch
  • Lutz Doering, The role of Urzeit-Endzeit correspondence in Enochic (and related) literature and the Synoptics
  • Robert A. Kraft, Unidentified Vestiges of Enoch Materials and their Transmission, with Initial Focus on References in the Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs

10:45am-12:45pm -- Papers Five and Six

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

1pm -- Lunch

4:00pm - 6:00pm -- Papers Seven and Eight

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

6:30pm-7:45pm -- Major Paper Discussion Groups

  • Group One (Angel & Boccaccini); Chair Steven Fraade/Lutz Doering
  • Group Two (Baynes & Grabbe); Chair Benjamin Reynolds/Daniel Boyarin

8pm -- Dinner

9:00pm - 10:00pm -- Graduate Student Session, Chairs Albert I. Baumgarten and James H. Charlesworth


8am Breakfast

9:00am-11:00am -- Plenary Session

  • Gabriele Boccaccini and the Board of the Enoch Seminar, "The Present and Future of the Enoch Seminar (Biennial Meetings, Nangeroni Meetings, Enoch Graduate Meetings, 4 Enoch Encyclopedia, Enoch Seminar Online)"

11:15am-12:30pm -- Short Paper Sessions

(3 parallel sessions, 3 papers each; 5 minute introduction by author, 20 minute discussion)

Group One; Chair Kindalee De Long

  • J. Harold Ellens, “The Trajectory of the Son of Man in the Synoptic Gospels in the Light of Second Temple Judaism Traditions”
  • Vered Hillel, “The Parables of Enoch and the Gospel of Mark: Siblings, Colleagues or Distant Cousins?”
  • Daniel Assefa, “Matthew’s Day of Judgment in the Light of 1 Enoch”

Group Two; Chair André Gagné

  • Vicente Dobroruka, “Wading Through Molten Metal: Ordeal in Enochic, Synoptic, and Zoroastrian Traditions”
  • Paul Mandel, “The Sacrifice of the Souls of the Righteous upon the Heavenly Altar: A Rabbinic Transformation of Apocalyptic Tradition”
  • Michael Becker, "The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars – Phenomena in Context: The Book of Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels"

Group Three; Chair Jason M. Zurawski

  • Eric Noffke, “Woe to you who are rich: Reshaping the Identity of God’s People in Enochic and Lukan Theologies”
  • Isaac Oliver, “Luke’s Eschatology and Genealogy in Light of Enochic Tradition”
  • Chad Pierce, “The Satanic Empire: Reading Anti-Imperial Imagery In Luke 8:26-39”

12:30pm -- Lunch

Afternoon trip to the Camaldoli Eremo and the La Verna Convent.

8:30pm -- Dinner


8am Breakfast

9:00am-10:15am -- Short Paper Sessions

(3 parallel sessions, 3 papers each; 5 minute introduction by author, 20 minute discussion)

Group One; Chair J Harold Ellens

  • Giovanni Ibba, “From the Dead of Giants to Impure Spirits in Mark: Some Remarks”
  • Oliver Dyma, “Angels in Eschatological Settings: From Zechariah to Matthew via 1 Enoch?”

Group Two; Chair Benjamin Reynolds

  • Årstein Justnes, “4QApocryphon of Daniel ar (4Q246) and Luke 1:32–35. Some Observations”
  • Rivka Nir, “Sexual Desire in the Book of the Watchers and the New Testament Exhortation to Sexual Abstinence”
  • Matthias Hoffmann, “Magical-pharmacological Aspects in Early Jewish Writings and the New Testament”

10:45am-12:45pm -- Papers Nine and Ten

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

1pm -- Lunch

4:00pm - 6:00pm -- Papers Eleven and Twelve

(10 minute introduction by the author; 15-20 minute response; 25-30 minute discussion)

6:30pm-7:45pm -- Discussion groups (one group for each of the four papers)

8pm -- Dinner

Wrap-Up Session



Bus to Arezzo Railway Station (8:30am)


  1. Joseph L. Angel (Yeshiva University, United States) *
  2. Daniel Assefa (Capuchin Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Ethiopia) *
  3. Florentina Badalanova-Geller (Freie-Universität Berlin, Germany) *
  4. Albert I. Baumgarten (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) *
  5. Leslie Baynes (Missouri State University, United States) * (newcomer)
  6. Michael Becker (university of Munich, Germany) * (newcomer)
  7. Andreas Bedenbender (Dortmund, Germany) *
  8. Amanda Bledsoe (University of Munich, Germany) * (newcomer)
  9. Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan, United States) *
  10. Daniel Boyarin (University of California Berkeley, United States) *
  11. Rodney Caruthers (University of Michigan, United States) *
  12. James H. Charlesworth (Princeton Theological Seminary, United States) *
  13. Randall D. Chesnutt (Pepperdine University, United States) *
  14. Kelley Coblentz Bautch (St. Edward's University, United States)*
  15. James R. Davila (St. Andrews University, Scotland)*
  16. Michael Davis (Princeton Theological Seminary, United States
  17. Kindalee De Long (Pepperdine University, United States) *
  18. Lorenzo DiTommaso (Concordia University Montreal, Canada) *
  19. Vicente Dobroruka (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil) *
  20. Lutz Doering (University of Durham, England) *
  21. Henryk Drawnel (Catholic University of Lublin, Poland) *
  22. Oliver Dyma (Tübingen University, Germany) * (newcomer)
  23. J. Harold Ellens (Michigan Center for Early Christian Studies, United States) #Steven D. Fraade (Yale University, United States) *
  24. André Gagné (Concordia University Montreal, Canada) * (newcomer)
  25. Gabriella Gelardini (University of Basel, Switzerland) *
  26. Lester L. Grabbe (University of Hull, England) *
  27. Daniel M. Gurtner (Bethel University, United States)*
  28. Joost Hagen (Leiden University, Belgium)*
  29. Robert Hall (Hampden-Sydney College, United States)* (newcomer)
  30. Matthias Henze (Rice University, United States) *
  31. Vered Hillel (Israel) * (newcomer)
  32. Matthias Hoffmann (Universiy of Munich, Germany) * (newcomer)
  33. Giovanni Ibba (Central Italy Theological Seminary, Italy) *
  34. Årstein Justnes (University of Agder, Norway) * (newcomer)
  35. Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania, United States) *
  36. Paul Mandel (The Schechter Institute, Israel)*
  37. Luca Mazzinghi (Central Italy Theological Seminary, Italy) * >
  38. Nir Rivka (The Open University of Israel, Israel) *
  39. Eric Noffke (Waldesian Faculty of Theology, Italy) *
  40. Gerbern Oegema (McGill University, Canada) * >
  41. Andrei A. Orlov (Marquette University, United States) *
  42. Anders Klostergaard Petersen (Aarhus University, Denmark) *
  43. Chad Pierce (Central College, United States)* (newcomer)
  44. Benjamin E. Reynolds (Tyndale University and Seminary, Ontario, Canada) #Amy E. Richter (St. Mary's Seminary and University, United States)* (newcomer)
  45. Timothy Sailors (University of Tübingen, Germany)* (newcomer)
  46. Loren T. Stuckenbruck (University of Munich, Germany) *
  47. Benjamin Wold (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) * >
  48. Archie T. Wright (Regent University, United States)*
  49. Jason M. Zurawski (University of Michigan, United States) *

Getting to the Seminar

Foresteria del Monastero di Camaldoli (site of Seminar and accommodations)

Località Camaldoli, 52010 Camaldoli

Tel. 0575/556013

Fax 0575/556001

  • You may fly in to either Florence, Rome, or Bologna. You will then take the train to Arezzo.
    • From the Florence Airport (Peretola), you will need to take a bus/cab to the main train station, Santa Maria Novella, then the train to Arezzo.
    • From Rome (Fiumicino), you will take the train to Roma Termini, then to Arezzo.
    • From Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi), you will take the bus/taxi to Bolgona Centrale and from there to Arezzo.
    • Try to avoid local trains which stop at every station and therefore take much longer. Look for high-speed, intercity, or frecciarosa trains.
  • We are scheduling a bus to take us from Arezzo to Camalodoli on Sunday, July 21. The bus will leave the train station at 3:30pm.
    • Meet at the Arezzo train station, at the bar/café, to be ready to leave by 3:30.
  • If you are unable to make this bus, you can take the train from Arezzo to Bibbiena.
    • From Bibbiena, you can take a taxi to Camaldoli (~20-30 euros).
  • You may also take a taxi directly from Arezzo to Camaldoli, but this will be more expensive.


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