The Bible and the Common Reader, 2nd ed. (1952 Chase), non-fiction

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The Bible and the Common Reader (1952) is the 2nd revised edition of The Bible and the Common Reader (1944 Chase), non-fiction.



Published in New York, NY: Macmillan, 1952.

Table of contents

What is the Bible? -- The King James, or Authorized, Version: its history and value -- The Hebrew people: a short sketch of their history in biblical times -- The Hebrew people: their racial and literary characteristics -- The earliest stories of the Hebrews -- The great leaders of ancient Israel -- The folk tale of Samson -- The tragedy of Saul -- The biography of David -- Elijah and Elisha and their stormy times -- Prophecy, and the great prophets of Israel -- The fiction of the bible -- The book of Job -- Two anthologies of poetry -- The proverbial wisdom of Israel -- Ecclesiastes, or Koheleth, the preacher -- The story of Daniel -- The Apocrypha -- An introduction to the New Testament -- St. Luke: his gospel -- St. Luke: his Acts of the apostles -- The letters of St. Paul -- The vision on Patmos.

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