The Bible as Literature: An Introduction (1986 Gabel, Wheeler), book

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The Bible as Literature: An Introduction (1986) is a book by John B. Gabel and Charles B. Wheeler.


Editions and translations

Published in New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1986 / 2nd ed. 1990 / 3rd ed. 1996 / 4th ed. 2000 / 5th ed. 2006.


The Bible as literature -- Literary forms and strategies in the Bible -- The Bible and history -- The Physical setting of the Bible -- The Formation of the canon -- The Composition of the Pentateuch -- The Prophetic writings -- The Wisdom literature -- The Apocalyptic literature -- The Intertestamental period -- Apocrypha and pseudepigrapha: the outside books -- The Gospels -- Acts and letters -- Translating the Bible -- The Religious use and interpretation of the Bible -- Appendix: The name of Israel's God

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