The Cambridge Companion to the Bible, 2nd ed. (2008 Chilton, Kee), edited volume

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The Cambridge Companion to the Bible, 2nd ed. (2008) is a book by Howard Clark Kee.


"Provides information about the changing historical, social, and cultural contexts in which the Biblical writers and their original readers thought and lived, including writers of Jewish and Christian apocryphal works."--Publisher description.

"The Cambridge Companion to the Bible, Second Edition focuses on the ever-changing social and cultural contexts in which the biblical authors and their original readers lived. The authors of the first edition were chosen for their internationally recognized expertise in their respective fields: the history and literature of Israel; postbiblical Judaism; biblical archaeology; and the origins and early literature of Christianity. In this second edition, all of their chapters have been updated and thoroughly revised, with a view towards better investigating the social histories embedded in the biblical texts and incorporating the most recent archaeological discoveries from the Ancient Near East and Hellenistic worlds."--Publisher description.

Editions and translations

Published in Cambridge [England and New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2008

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