The History of Ancient Israel (1984 Grant), book

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The History of Ancient Israel (1984) is a book by Michael Grant.


"Just as it seems more plausible to suppose that Moses existed than to believe that he did not, so, too, it is hard to believe that all the mass of religious institutions ascribed to Moses was really the work of other men, the anonymous product, that is to say, of natural, gradual growth over a period of centuries. After all, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha and Jesus were historical figures, despite the legends attached to their names. And the Mosaic religion contained astonishing novelities, which look as though they reflect the thought of one single, decisive individual.'--Publisher description.


Published in London [England]: Weidenfeld and Nicolson; and New York, NY: Scribner, 1984.


Table of contents

The land of Canaan. Forerunners and origins ; The Canaanites -- From Abraham to the judges. The patriarchs ; Moses ; Conquest and settlement -- The united kingdom. The Philistines, Samuel and Saul ; David ; Solomon ; The invention of history -- The divided kingdoms. The northern monarchy : Israel ; Northern prophecy and history ; The southern monarchy : Judah ; Southern legend and prophecy -- Babylonian and Persian rule. Prophecy and history in the dispersion ; The climax of Hebrew thought ; The new Judaism -- Greek rule and liberation. Life and thought under the Greeks ; Independence regained -- Roman dependency. Herod the Great ; The road to rebellion.

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