The Literature of the Old Testament, 3rd ed. (1962 Bewer, Kraeling), book

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The Literature of the Old Testament (1962) is the 3rd edition of The Literature of the Old Testament (1924 Bewer), book, revised by Emil G. Kraeling.



Published in New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 1962.


Early poems -- Early narratives -- Early laws -- The growth of historical literature -- The Yahwist -- The Elohist -- Amos and Hosea -- Isaiah and Micah -- Deuteronomy -- Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk -- Jeremiah -- Ezekiel and the holiness code -- Exilic poets and prophets -- Deutero-Isaiah -- Deuteronomistic historiography -- The earlier postexilic prophets -- The priestly document and the priestly editors -- Postexilic historians and narrators -- The wisdom literature and the Song of Songs -- The Psalms -- The later postexilic prophets -- Daniel and the Greek peril -- Canon and text -- Appendix : Chronology of Old Testament literature.

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