The Man Born to Be King (1941 Sayers), play

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The Man Born to Be King (1941) is a radio-play by Dorothy L. Sayers


A series of twelve episodes, covering the major events in Jesus’ life, from his birth to his death and resurrection. Novelist Sayers gave the plays dramatic immediacy, featuring realistic, identifiable characters with human emotions and motivations, speaking in modern colloquial English. While many of the writers of Jesus fictions have Judas a Zealot, Sayers' Judas is just the opposite. His “betrayal” is a way to force Jesus away from the Zealot option.

Editions, performances

Broadcast in England by the BBC during the Second World War on Sunday evenings at 4-week intervals, from 21 December 1941 to 18 October 1942, was a great popular success. The script was first published in London [England], V. Gollancz, 1943, accompanied by a commentary by the author.

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