The Old Testament: A Very Short Introduction (2008 Coogan), book

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The Old Testament: A Very Short Introduction (2008) is a book by Michael David Coogan.


"The author offers an exploration of the 'Old Testament', illuminating its importance as history, literature, and sacred text. He provides an overview of one of the great pillars of Western religion and culture, a book which remains important today for Jews, Christians, and Muslims worldwide."--Publisher description.


Published in Oxford [England] and New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2008.


What is the Old Testament? -- Interpretive strategies -- The Old Testament and history -- The Old Testament and myth -- The exodus from Egypt: a deep probe -- "Keep my commandments": biblical law -- "Festivals of the Lord": ritual in ancient Israel -- Prophets and prophecies -- Hezekiah and Sennacherib: another deep probe -- Poetry and dissent -- "Let us now praise famous men"--and women -- The enduring significance of the Old Testament -- Chronology -- Appendix: The canons of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

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