(+) The Scrolls and the New Testament (1957 Stendahl), edited volume

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The Scrolls and the New Testament (1957) is a collection of essays edited by Krister Stendahl.


Editions and translations

Published in New York, NY: Harper, 1957. Reissued in New York, NY: Crossroad, 1992; edited by James H. Charlesworth.

Table of contents

  • Scrolls and the New Testament: an introduction and a perspective / Krister Stendahl
  • Significance of the Qumran texts for research into the beginnings of Christianity / Oscar Cullmann
  • John the Baptist in the new light of ancient scrolls / W.H. Brownlee
  • Two messiahs of Aaron and Israel ; Lord's Supper and the communal meal at Qumran ; New light on temptation, sin, and flesh in the New Testament / Karl Georg Kuhn
  • "Peace among men of God's good pleasure" Lk. 2:14 / Ernest Vogt
  • Sermon on the mount and the Qumran texts / Kurt Schubert
  • Dead Sea manual of discipline and the Jerusalem church of Acts / Sherman E. Johnson
  • Constitution of the primitive church in the light of Jewish documents / Bo Reicke
  • Paul and the Dead Sea scrolls: flesh and spirit / W.D. Davies
  • Qumran scrolls and the Johannine gospel and epistles / Raymond E. Brown
  • Qumran scrolls, the Ebionites, and their literature / Joseph A. Fitzmyer
  • Hillel the Elder in the light of the Dead Sea scrolls / Nahum N. Glatzer

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