The Son of Man Debate (1999 Burkett), book

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The Son of Man Debate: A History and Evaluation (1999) is a book by Delbert Burkett.


"The expression "Son of Man," used in the Gospels almost exclusively by Jesus, has been the object of intensive study since the Protestant Reformation, yet scholars have failed to agree on its origin or meaning. Because of the scope and complexity of the literature, no comprehensive survey of the subject has been written in the twentieth century; Delbert Burkett's study fills this need. It provides a comprehensive historical overview of the debate from the patristic period to 1996, evaluates that research, and summarizes the present state of the question."--Publisher description.


Published in Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press, 1999 (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, 107).


  • Introduction
  • 1. Genealogical Interpretations
  • 2. The human Son of Man
  • 3. The apocalyptic/messianic Son of Man
  • 4. The question of reference
  • 5. The question of authenticity
  • 6. Miscellaneous sons of men
  • 7. Exit the apocalyptic Son of Man?
  • 8. The idiomatic/nontitular son of man
  • 9. Son of Man in apocalyptic and rabbinic texts
  • 10. Conclusions
  • Appendix: Surveys of research of "the Son of Man"

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