Transitions in Biblical Scholarship (1968 Ahlström, Rylaarsdam), edited volume

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Transitions in Biblical Scholarship (1968) is a volume edited by Gösta W Ahlström and John Coert Rylaarsdam.


"Papers from one of the seven alumni conferences held to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the University of Chicago and 100th anniversary of its Divinity School."

Editions and translations

Published in Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1968.


Introduction : the Chicago school--and after / J. Coert Rylaarsdam -- The covenant of David and the problem of unity in Old Testament theology / Frederick C. Prussner -- Narrative structure and cult legend : a study of Joshua 1-6 / Jay A. Wilcoxen -- Tension and harmony between classical prophecy and classical law / Walter G. Williams -- Prophets, Deuteronomy, and the syncretistic cult in Israel / Donald E. Gowan -- Some remarks on prophets and cult / G. W. Ahlström -- Hort redivivus : a plea and a program / Ernest C. Colwell -- Today's problems with the critical text of the New Testament / Kenneth W. Clark -- The motif of fulfillment in the eschatology of the synoptic Gospels / William A. Beardslee -- Jesus and eschatology / Martin Rist -- Recent trends in research in the Christology of the New Testament / Norman Perrin -- The place of the Areopagus speech in the composition of Acts / Paul Schubert -- Pauline thought : some basic issues / William R. Schoedel -- Church history in the early church / Robert M. Grant

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